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Bookstore: Current Issues on Form 1040 and Related Schedules in Texas

Current Issues on Form 1040 and Related Schedules in Texas

Get the most for your clients ... learn the latest information regarding Form 1040 completion. United States taxpayers are experiencing many challenges with the current economic environment that will have major effects...

Bookstore: Maryland Property Tax

Maryland Property Tax

Do you have the most effective strategies for managing real and personal property tax? Understanding how Maryland's unique property tax system works is crucial to developing a strategy to reduce the tax burden.

Bookstore: Texas Franchise Tax

Texas Franchise Tax

Discover strategies for managing Texas franchise tax and explore 2013 legislative initiatives. Avoid errors, omissions, and overpayments with a comprehensive understanding of Texas franchise tax.

Bookstore: IRS Repair and Maintenance Regulations in Texas

IRS Repair and Maintenance Regulations in Texas

New regulations on the capitalization of tangible property are complex - you cannot afford to only grasp the basics. All taxpayers that acquire, produce or improve tangible property will need to comply with the broad...

Bookstore: Document Retention and Destruction

Document Retention and Destruction

Business Case for a RIM Program; Developing and Managing a RIM Program; Drafting Best Practices; Litigation and E-Discovery Issues; Dealing With Special Records Format Types; Data Privacy Issues; Data Security Issues;...

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