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Innovation Inside the Box: A Systematic Approach to Growth

OnDemand Webinar (49 minutes)

Understand how to improve the innovation process to keep your organization growing.Creative thinking is a skill, not a gift. It's the starting point for the innovation process. But many companies struggle with innovation simply because they don't know how to generate high-quality, novel ideas for their business. This course will introduce a method of creativity called Systematic Inventive Thinking. It's based on patterns that has been used for thousands of years. These patterns are like the DNA of a product or service, and they can be reapplied to any product, process, or service to create growth and competitiveness. The material will emphasize real-world examples from global firms such as Johnson & Johnson, GE, and Procter & Gamble. It will outline additional resources to continue learning this method so you can sustain organization growth.


Drew Boyd,


Systematic Inventive Thinking

• How Patterns Boost Creativity

• The Five Patterns of Systematic Inventive Thinking

• The Function Follows Form Principle

The Subtraction Technique

• Definition

• Steps of the Technique

• Example From Johnson & Johnson

The Task Unification Technique

• Definition

• Steps of the Technique

• Examples