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Essential Job Functions According to the ADA

OnDemand Webinar (65 minutes)

Understand your legal obligations under the ADA and avoid pitfalls that lead to discrimination and failure-to-accommodate claims.Most employers know that the Americans with Disabilities Act requires reasonable accommodation of disabled applicants and employees, but few have a deep understanding of the crucial role that essential job functions play in that analysis. Additionally, when and how to engage in the interactive process under the ADA is critical but can be tricky to execute in a legally defensible way. This course will help you understand employers' legal obligations under the ADA and navigate around common pitfalls that often lead to expensive discrimination and failure-to-accommodate claims.


Angela N. Johnson, Faegre Drinker


ADA Refresher

• What the ADA Prohibits, and Requires of Employers

• Key Definitions: Qualified Individual and Disability

• Recent EEOC and Litigation Trends

The Role of Essential Job Functions

• Understanding Essential vs. Marginal Job Functions

• Identifying and Verifying Essential Job Functions

• Attendance and Safety as Essential Job Functions

• Evidence of Essential Job Functions

• Communicating Essential Job Functions to Employees (and Their Health Care Providers)

The ADA Interactive Process

• When the Duty to Engage in the Interactive Process Is Triggered

• How to Engage in the Interactive Process

• What Is - and Is Typically Not - a Reasonable Accommodation

• Accommodation Hierarchies

Best Practices

• Job Descriptions

• Documenting the Interactive Process