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Project Management Best Practices

OnDemand Webinar (66 minutes)

Gain an understanding of project management best practices to avoid the top causes of project failure.Despite decades of research confirming common causes of project failure, 50-70% of projects still fail, depending on the surveys you examine. According to the Project Management Institute and others 10% or more of every project dollar is wasted at a rate of $1m every ten seconds. Until organizations value project management and adopt a continuous improvement mindset, this problem will not go away. This topic examines project management best practices to avoid the top causes of project failure. Adopting or strengthening these practices will improve project success over time. This material is critical for senior executives, managers, PMO leaders, and project managers seeking to enhance business and project success.


Ray W. Frohnhoefer, MBA, PMP, CCP, PPC Group, LLC



• What Are Best Practices?

• There Are Many Best Practices, so Let's Focus on a Few

• Use the Top 5 Causes of Project Failure to Guide

Cause #1/Best Practice #1 - Lack of Customer Involvement/Engage All Stakeholders

• Stakeholder Analysis/Matrix

• Project Communications Plan

• Use of Business Analysis and Business Analysis Planning

Cause #2/Best Practice #2 - Poor Requirements Management/Use Business Analysis for Alignment With Strategy, Change Management

• Ensure Alignment With Strategy

• Use of Business Analysis and Business Analysis Planning

• Change Management

Cause #3/Best Practice #3 - Lack of Resources/Use Resources Scheduling Tools

• Understand Requirements and Develop a Resource Breakdown Structure

• Improve Estimation

• Schedule With 'Who Does What When'

Cause #4/Best Practice #4 - Accidental Project Managers/Strengthen Project Management

• Use Continuous Improvement

• Support and Training

• Seek a Balance of Project Management Know-How, Business Knowledge, and Leadership

Cause #5/Best Practice #5 - Conflicts/Strengthen Leadership

• Build Trust and Consensus

• Manage Collaboration

• Seek Fair Balance for Competing Goals and Views

Conclusion and Wrap up

• Summary of Causes and Best Practices

• Challenge - How Will You Advance These in Your Organization?

• Questions and Answers