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Critical Thinking and Decision-Making for HR Professionals

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Gain an understanding of what critical thinking is and how to apply it to your HR role. In today's business environment, it is imperative to understand how to think critically to develop solid decision-making processes. It will be beneficial to your organization if you are able to challenge assumptions, absorb useful information, seek alternative viewpoints, and keep an open mind so that the solutions found, and decisions made are based on facts. In this topic, we will review how different types of decisions that are asked of HR professionals must be grounded in facts. We will use examples of HR activities, such as employee relations issues, investigations, and performance management, need to have HR professionals think critically and come to solid fact-based decisions.


Jackie A. Sexson


Critical Thinking

• What Is This?

• Why Is This Important?

• Basics of How to Think Critically

Think Actively

• Question Your Own Thinking

• All Data Is Information, but Not All Information Is Useful

• Sifting Through the Facts to Determine What Is Needed to Make Those Important Decisions

• Be Open to Exploring New Ideas


• Effectively Evaluate Arguments and Alternatives

• Arrive at Well Thought out Conclusions

• Examples of When Critical Thinking and Proper Decision-Making Is Imperative