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Office Management Through Communication

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Learn how to keep harmony, promote ideas, soothe tensions, and empower your team.Are your meetings feeling more and more like bailing out a sinking canoe? Do you feel like your instructions and feedback are falling on deaf ears? If you are spending most of your time fixing communication misunderstandings and mitigating arguments, you have a leadership communication problem. Many leaders strive to keep harmony in their team but miss out on opportunities to promote ideas; soothe tensions; and empower their teams to speak up, take responsibility, and take action. This topic will give you the tools you need to achieve all three.


Melanie Hope, Hope Speaking LLC


Why Is Communication so Important?

• How Communication Can Save Your Sanity and Your Team

• Recognizing When Communication Has Actually Taken Place

• Catering to Different Communication Styles

Encouraging Communication

• Closing the Open Door Policy

• The Importance of GSD Mode

• How to Use the Cupcake Revolution to Reduce Fear of Speaking up

Keeping Meetings on Topic

• Signposting

• Bridging

• Dealing With Naysayers and Divas

Delivering Difficult Information

• When and How to Deliver Tough News

• How to Gain Buy-in for a Solution

• Learning From Pre-and Post-Mortems

Giving Effective Feedback

• When to Provide Feedback

• How to Be Honest and Still Respectful

• Encouraging Change