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Humor, Empathy, and Human Connection: The Rise of Video-Based Storytelling in B2B Marketing

OnDemand Webinar (42 minutes)

The world of B2B marketing is undergoing a creative storytelling renaissance.

No longer can we simply wax poetic about features, stats, and benefits, our audiences now demand more! And it's not just about unlocking the power of storytelling for top-of-funnel ad campaigns; video-based stories have a role to play throughout the entire buyer's journey. Join Tyler Lessard, host of the Creating Connections show and VP Marketing at Vidyard, to learn how to unlock the power of video-based stories to pique curiosity, build rapport, and create a sense of urgency to act. See real examples of amazing video-based storytelling used throughout the B2B customer lifecycle and walk away inspired to create your own masterpiece.


Tyler Lessard, Vidyard


Why Your Audience Craves Video

Video Storytelling Best Practices

What Industry Leaders Are Doing With Video