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Integrating Your Microsoft® Office® Programs

OnDemand Webinar (101 minutes)

Effortlessly integrate data wherever you need it, in the format you require and with the expertise to ensure there is no data left behind.Microsoft® Office® programs don't always play well together in the sandbox. In fact, it can be downright frustrating to transfer data from one program to another or to try to use two programs in collaboration. This topic will help you to discover best practices for sharing data across Microsoft® Office® with ease and accuracy. You will discover effective techniques for consolidating documents across programs, manipulating data to best serve your purposes and ideas for saving yourself time and heartache. Whether you are responsible for spreadsheets or presentations or standard word processing, you'll become the ringmaster of your office circus. We will also cover some common issues that you may face such as mail merge formatting errors and linking error messages.


Marie R. Herman, CAP, OM, ACS, MOSM, MRH Enterprises LLC


General Office Integration Tips

• Transferring Data Between Programs

• Best Practices for Linking Data

• Hidden Secrets of Copying and Pasting Methods


• Setting up Excel® Charts in Presentations

• Creating PowerPoint® Presentations From Word® Documents Easily

• Utilizing Built-in Functionality to Customize Your Handouts

Advanced Office® Troubleshooting

• Preventing Issues With Mail Merges Across Programs

• Manipulating Imported Data in Microsoft® Excel®

• Linking and Embedding Object Across Microsoft® Office®