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Tips for Reading Contracts When You're Not a Lawyer

OnDemand Webinar (92 minutes)

Get practical tips and tricks for reading and understanding contracts when it's in lawyer language.Many contracting professionals who attempt to read contracts meet a challenge. The contract has been written by lawyers, for lawyers and only lawyers seem to understand what the contracts say. This material helps the nonlawyer read the contract with an understanding of the core elements. This includes, identifying the risks and value lying in the contract and understand how to best address them; understanding the motivations behind the author; understanding why certain things are best left in the contract and why it is best to leave some things out; anticipating how requests to change an item will be approached and the likely response; understanding how simple punctuation can become a major issue; and realizing that tracking the requested changes is essential.


Jim Bergman, Commercial Officers Group


The Structure of the Document and Knowing Where to Expect to Find Items

The Core Concepts Contained in the Clauses

How to Dive Into the Details Once the Concepts Are Conquered

Checking for Complete, Clear and Consistent Contracts

Why, How and When to Request Changes to the Language

Automation and Tools to Make Your Review Easier