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Advanced Contracting Writing: Strategically Managing the Contracting Process

OnDemand Webinar (95 minutes)

Learn leading trends in contract formation and drafting techniques which can simplify and streamline the content of good agreements.The most important strategic commercial relationships (sales and procurement) should be documented under written contracts. But far too many corporate agreements are complex burdensome documents which rarely mirror the important aspects of the relationship between the parties. Moreover, typical contracts can be costly and difficult to administrate. These challenges become exponentially more difficult when multiplied across a typical company's portfolio of agreements. This topic will explain leading trends in contract formation and construction being used by leading companies and governmental agencies. It will also discuss modern drafting techniques which can simplify and streamline the content of good agreements. The material will also explain methods for optimal management of contract portfolios. Review real-world contract management examples from the speaker's career and consulting experience. He will illustrate key points using actual language examples.


Mark J. Trowbridge, CPSM, C.P.M., MCIPS, Strategic Procurement Solutions, LLC


Design and Construction of Main Contract Types

• Drafting Principles for Modern Agreements

• Business English vs. Legalese, Rule of Ten Numbering, Language to Accommodate Changes in Relationships

• Key Contract Template Types for Procurement Groups

• Operational vs. Project Documentation

• Our Paper or Theirs … What Are the Odds?

• Four Types of Statement of Work (SOW)

Best Practices in Managing Modern Contract Portfolios

• Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Technologies

• Meaningful CLM Metrics

• Planning Expirations - Ways to Balance Strategic and Tactical

Major Issues in 2020 Contracting

• The Liability Trifecta

• Industrywide Changes in Supplier Insurance … Loopholes That Will Gittcha

• Supplier Risk Management - a Major "C" Level Concern During the COVID-19 Pandemic

• Force Majeure Today … Who Does the Clause Really Protect?