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Ditching the Traditional Performance Review

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Learn why you may want to get rid of your traditional performance review.

An ongoing trend among progressive businesses is to do away with annual performance reviews. The reasons for doing this are many but the most prevalent is that performance reviews aren't motivating to employees or beneficial for employers. But what should replace the traditional performance review as you still need to motivate and monitor employee performance? This content first helps practitioners understand why traditional performance reviews fail to provide employee or employers with helpful information and feedback on performance. Second, and more importantly, it provides you with a framework of tools and processes that you can use in place of the performance review in order to motivate employees and gain useful information about employees' performance for managers and the company.


Sharon Jutila, AmeriBen/IEC Group


Why Traditional Performance Reviews Fail Employees and Employers

• Results in Erroneous or Skewed Information About Employee

• Leaves Employees Unmotivated by Results and Uninvolved in the Process

• Occurs too Infrequently to Manage Actual Performance Problems

Alternative Methods to Monitor and Communicate About Employees' Performance

• Supervisors' Involvement With Employees

• Quarterly Reviews

• One-On-One Meetings

Creating a Performance Management System

• Why It Motivates Employees

• How It Provides Useful Information

• Creating the Essential Buy-in to System