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Procurement Fraud Fundamentals

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Review various types of procurement fraud and discuss indicators to recognize and prevent fraudulent activities.Procurement fraud occurs throughout the procurement lifecycle. It can be perpetrated by any individual within the procurement and contracting community, from procurement managers to c-suite executives. It can also involve government personnel. Government contractors must be aware of the common procurement fraud schemes and be able to recognize conduct indicative of procurement fraud. Failure to identify and prevent procurement fraud from occurring subjects government contractors and their employees to administrative, civil, and even criminal liability. This topic will review the most common types of procurement fraud and discuss common indicators for each with a focus on case studies and guidance from the Department of Defense investigative activities. It will also provide a brief overview of the intake process for procurement fraud investigations.


Megan M. Jeschke, Holland & Knight LLP


Overview of Procurement Fraud Liability

• Civil

• Criminal

• Administrative

Procurement Frauds at Contract Formation

• Anti-Competitive or Collusive Bidding

• Conflicts of Interest and Inside Information

• Kickbacks

• Defective Pricing and Contract Pricing Schemes

Procurement Frauds at Contract Performance

• Product and Materials Substitution

• Labor Category and Employee Qualification Mischarging

• Billing Irregularities

• Subcontractor and Vendor Frauds

• Small Business Partnerships

• Material Purchases, Government Property, and Inventory Abuses

Procurement Fraud Involving Government Personnel

• Bribery

• Gifts and Gratuities

• Meeting Customer Demands"

Procurement Fraud Investigations

• Intake and Referral

• Coordination Among Agencies