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Budgeting for Managers

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Learn techniques to determine and create a proportional budgeting strategy for your organization.Many organizations react to budgets instead of creating a strategy for budgeting. Budgets are planning processes that create or determine policy for any organization. With some organizations who depend on their funding from limited sources run financial risk when not using a budget process to plan for risk and market destabilization. This topic helps managers understand budgets from a human capital focus that allows the organization to gain independence with diversified revenues, innovate ways to save on budgets, and above all else prioritize people and mission over spending and controls. The strategies presented in this information will help mangers better understand cost analysis and profit forecasting in order to build reserves and better plan for the future.


Brad Lebowsky, Hunger For Success


Business Analysis of Financial Stability

How to Forecast and Conduct Cost Analysis for Expenses

How to Forecast and Build Revenue Projections

How to Build and Invest Profits (Reserves)

People Over Mathematics

Diversifying Revenues

Methods of Saving on Expenses

Proportional Budgeting Prioritizing Mission

Determine If Your Budget Is Properly Prioritized to Your Mission

Strategies to Align Your Budget to Your Mission

Budget Monitoring

• Revenue Trends

• Expenses Trends

• Service Budgeting

• Program Budgeting