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Florida Government Purchasing and Procurement Law

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Get an overview of Florida procurement law as well as latest developments and best practices.

Florida is the third largest state in the nation by population and its number of residents and visitors steadily continues to grow. Florida's economy is also expanding and diversifying and the state budget for fiscal year 2018-19 is $88.7 billion. Florida state and local governmental entities spend billions of dollars annually purchasing products and services, mostly through competitive procurements. These purchases are funded with state, local, and federal dollars. With more people and businesses entering the state, Florida government purchasing activity is likely to continue to increase, while Florida government contracting presents opportunities for private sector companies to grow their business, it is important for companies wanting to compete in this space to understand Florida's diverse and complex state and local procurement laws. This topic will provide an overview of Florida procurement law, discuss the latest developments and best practices designed to equip any company, and their legal counsel, desiring to contract with Florida state or local governmental entities, with the tools to best be able to compete for such contracts, as well as to defend contract awards that are protested or challenge awards to competitors.


Karen D. Walker, Holland & Knight LLP


Overview of Florida Procurement Statutes and Regulations

• Chapter 287, Florida Statutes

• Chapter 255, Florida Statutes

• Section 120.57(3), Florida Statutes

• Chapter 60A-1, Florida Administrative Code

• Chapter 28-110, Florida Administrative Code

• Local Government Ordinances

Contract Solicitation Process and Issues

• Non-Competitive Procurements (Exemptions, Sole Source Procurements, Piggybacking)

• Requests for Information

• Solicitation Vehicles (ITB, RFP, ITN, RFQ)

• State Term Contracts

• Public-Private Partnerships

• Specification Protests

• Organizational Conflicts of Interest

• Best Practices Relating to Evaluations and Negotiations

Ethical Considerations

• Florida's Gift Law

• Lobbying Laws

• Cone of Silence

Bid Protests

• State Agency Bid Protest Procedures

• Local Government Bid Protest Procedures

• Common Issues in Florida Bid Protests

• Recent Bid Protest Cases

Open Government Issues in Florida Procurement

• Sunshine Law

• Public Records Act