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It's Called a 'Customer Return' Policy For a Reason- WOW Them Instead of Why Them

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)
  • You want customers to return? Your customer return policy should have one goal: to get the customer to return.Store returns are a fact of retail life. No matter what you sell, people will want to return things. WOW them instead of why them. When was the last time you received exceptional service? Can you remember the last time you returned a product and didn't have to answer lots of questions? When was the last time you were delighted by a company going beyond your expectation and made you feel special? When was the last time you had a WOW experience? A great customer return policy is WondrousOutstandingWorry-Free. Make the return process straightforward and simple, and turn it into a WOW experience rather than an unfriendly process, and you will not only keep customers but also encourage them to spread positive word-of-mouth about your business - a truly positive bottom line. What is the right return policy? If your goal is to bring the customer back, it's simple: give them what they want. WOW them. Problem is that many companies need to eliminate the inquisition, endless questions, reasons for the return, etc. Treat them like appreciating assets. It costs 91% to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one (Wall Street Journal survey).


James Feldman, CSP, CITE, CPIM, CPT, MIP, PCS, Shift Happens


Your Return Policy Should Be Part of Your WOW Service and Shopping Experience

• Dazzle Your Customers With Your Return Policy

Customers Have Choices. So Do You. WOW Everyone

• Anticipate What Your Customer Wants

Fast, Friendly, Helpful Are the Minimum Requirements of Great WOW Customer Return Policy Experiences

• Treat Customers the Way You Know They Want to Be Treated

Your WOW Return Policy Is an Investment, Not an Expense

• Innovate Your WOW Through Your Return Policy by Embracing and Driving Change

A Convenient Return Policy Is an Important WOW to Customers

• Nurture the Relationship With Your Customer

• It Costs More to Get a New Customer Than to Keep an Existing Customer

Your WOW Return Policy Is Part of the Customer's Buying Decision

• Guarantee You Have Customers by Publicizing Your Return Policy; Spell It out; Point It out; Enable the Staff; Don't Do It Because It Sounds Good; Do It Because It's the Right Thing to Do and You Want to Do It