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Cost Accounting Standards and Compliance

OnDemand Webinar (83 minutes)

Navigate through the strategic areas for consideration when establishing cost accounting standards compliance.Many federal contractors struggle with the design and setup of their overhead pools and overall indirect rate structure. Its design is vital in determining how much of the organization's indirect cost can be recouped on each of its contracts. This challenge impacts contractors regardless of the organization's size and tenure in the federal government contracting marketplace. Companies trying to enter the government contracting arena may be setting up a rate structure for the first time. Veteran contractors may be evaluating whether or not changes to the indirect rate structure would benefit the organization. Navigate through many areas for consideration when evaluating overhead rates, including costs which are allowable vs. unallowable, common pool and allocation bases, 2 tier vs. 3 tier structure, and strategic organizational considerations. This information is geared for the person(s) involved in the evaluation and management of the indirect rate structure, in contract finance, and others who want to better understand overhead rates and indirect rate structures.


Robert Craig, Capital Edge Consulting


Introduction to the Cost Accounting Standards and Applicability

• Modified CAS Coverage - Four Standards

• Full CAS Coverage - All 19 Standards

CAS Standards

• Basic CAS Concepts (Four Standards)

• Allocation of Costs (Four Standards)

• Compensation (Four Standards)

• Assets (Four Standards)

• Other (Three Standards)

Disclosure Statements

• Changes

• Cost Impacts

• Strategy

Recent Developments