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The How-To Guide of Maneuvering Games of Office Politics

OnDemand Webinar (67 minutes)

Don't risk your professional reputation.

Learn to steer your office politics in a positive direction. This dynamic topic is intended to provide you with core strategies and tools regarding smart office politics and practices. You will learn the distinction between good and bad office politics; the three types of organizational networks essential for completing projects and reaching goals; tips for creating positive, career boosting alliances; and practical communication skills to engage those with different agendas. Individuals who will benefit from this content include supervisors, managers, administrators and professionals who oversee projects, manage teams and are responsible for delivering results, as well as those who would like to strengthen or enhance their existing skillset and professional effectiveness.


Miriam ReissDSS, MCC


Self-Assessment of Office Politic Skill Level and Mindset

• Definition of Office Politics; Research Related to Office Politics

• The Difference Between Good and Bad Office Politics

Learning the Game: Keys to Success

• Creating Positive, Career-Boosting Alliances

The Nature of Power

• Building Networks: Three Valuable Types of Networks

• Getting Clear: What Are You Trying to Get Done?

• The Role of Personal Chemistry in Office Politics

The Global Workforce and Office Politics

Building Trust With Others

• Competence and Office Politics

• Why Just Doing the Job Isn't Enough

• Reciprocal Relationships

Communication Mindset: A Coaching Approach to Office Politics

• Communications Strategies: What Does Your Listener Want and Need to Know?

• Gossip: Murder by Mouth

• Making Friends With the Enemy

• Self-Management

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