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How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint®

OnDemand Webinar (51 minutes)

Learn tips, tricks, and best practices to avoid death by PowerPoint® and never deliver a boring presentation again.

Too many call their slides 'The Presentation'. Many even build slide decks, filling in various details and data before focusing on the audience, what you want the audience to do, and what you want them to remember. The solution is simple, it's easy, it will save you time, and raise your stature, but it's not for the faint of heart because you can't read your PPT slides. But the 'bar' is also very low. How many bad presentations have you seen? What an opportunity for you. Your opportunity is to have your audience leave the room thinking, if not saying, 'Wow that was good'.


Tom Kennedy, Kennedy Group


Preparation, Most of Your Challenge

• Audience, Result, Message (It's About Them, Not You. You Have to Know What You Want Them to Do.)

• Introduction/Conclusion the Bookends of Your Presentation

• Main Themes, No More Than Three


• Yes You Have to, and the More Important the Talk the More Important the Rehearsal

• Evaluation of Your Strengths and Weaknesses, We All Have Them

• How to Use Video, the World's Worst Form of Punishment


• Dealing With Adrenaline

• Q&A and Other Audience Involvement

• Evaluation for Future Improvement