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Keyword Bidding Strategies That Will Give You the Most Bang for Your Buck

OnDemand Webinar (57 minutes)

Paid search bids are among the core building blocks to a successful account.

Because they are one of the many fluid parts of day-to-day performance, it is integral that we understand what bidding strategies are most suited for, for our individual needs. This ondemand course, will teach you distinct strategies that are most applicable to account types, as well as the details of what bidding options are available. This course not only assists in identifying one's best bid strategy, but also demonstrates how to implement them.

Benefits for You

- You will learn how to approach bidding based on your industry

- You will learn what bidding options are currently available

- You will learn how to implement these strategies in Google® and Bing®

- You will learn how to integrate additional metrics into your bid strategy

- You will learn general best practices for bid maintenance


Carrie Albright, Hanapin Marketing


What Does "Bidding Strategy" Mean?

• Brief Overview of the Purpose Behind Identifying Your Bidding Strategy, Including Automated Versus Manual Bidding

• The Distinction Between Bidding for Branding Versus Direct Response

• The Factors Affecting Lead Generation Bidding and E-Commerce Bidding

Google®'s Bidding Strategies

• CPA Bidding and Conversion Optimizer

• Flexible Bidding Strategies

• Automated Bid Rules

Bing®'s Bidding Strategies

• Flexible Bidding Tools

• Bidding Landscape Tool

General Tips

• External Conversion Integration (ROAs, Call Tracking, Etc)

• Bid Change Common Practices