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How to Acquire Millions of Email Subscribers Using Subscriber Lifetime Value Calculation

OnDemand Webinar (57 minutes)

What are e-mail subscribers worth? Few companies that send e-mails today can answer that question - yet e-mail subscribers are usually very valuable: from $3.00 to $240.00 each. In this fascinating talk, expert Arthur Hughes shows how to calculate the value of your subscribers, and how to use that value to grow your profits by acquiring more of them. He explains the off-e-mail multiplier and the development of a subscriber acquisition program based on 36 possible tactics. You will take away valuable methods that you can use to grow your business tomorrow.

5 Reasons to Order

  • How to calculate the Lifetime Value of your email subscribers
  • How to calculate your subscriber off-email multiplier
  • How to create a subscriber acquisition plan based on LTV
  • Twenty nine tested methods of growing your subscriber base
  • How to sell your email marketing program to your management


Arthur Middleton Hughes, The Database Marketing Institute, Ltd.


What Is Lifetime Value? Where to Get the Numbers and How to Put Them Together

The off Email Multiplier: What It Is and How to Compute It

A Subscriber Acquisition Plan: How to Sell It to Your Management Using LTV

Scoring Your Website: How to Do It and Get Needed Changes Made

Subscriber Acquisition Tactics Discussionof 12 Methods

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