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The Head and Heart Keys to Building Outstanding Customer Relationships

OnDemand Webinar (85 minutes)

Many leading companies miss the mark in building a successful foundation for deep, long-term, profitable customer relationships. They leave money on the table by failing to capitalize on what really matters to prospects and customers. By understanding the essential cognitive (head) and affective (heart) elements that matter to prospects and customers, companies can identify the critical product, marketing and experience enhancements that encourage new business, build deeper customer relationships and lead to higher customer lifetime value capture.

This OnDemand Webinar presents an innovative framework for customer engagement, allowing you to lay the groundwork for outstanding customer relationships. The program explores head and heart engagement elements, presents a series of case studies spanning product, marketing and experience improvements, and provides critical insight into what really allows companies to build and manage long-term, profitable customer relationships.

This OnDemand Webinar, co-presented by Jenn Falco and Wayne Marks, who together have almost 50 years' experience in improving customer relationships, is a game-changer for anyone concerned about strengthening today's customer relationships.


Jenn Falco, HansaGCR
Wayne Marks, HansaGCR


The Customer Relationship: A Head and Heart Story

• The Brand Is the Experience, the Experience Is the Brand

• Brand Value: A Head and Heart Pathway for Deep, Profitable Customer Relationships

• The Proof: Attitudes + Behavior

Winning the Customer's Heart: Emotions in the Customer Experience

• What Is an Emotion?

• Why Do Emotions Matter In the Customer Experience?

• How Do Emotions Play Out In the Customer Experience?

Capturing the Customer's Mind: Cognitive Evaluations in the Customer Experience

• What Are Cognitive Evaluation Criteria?

• Why Do Cognitive Evaluation Criteria Matter In the Customer Experience?

• How Do Cognitive Evaluations Play Out In the Customer Experience?

Enhancing the Customer Relationship Through a Head and Heart Connection

• Case Study A: Winning With Heart in Commoditized Products

• Case Study B: Fear, Loathing and Achieving Best-in-Class Customer Satisfaction

• Case Study C: A Head and Heart Customer Segmentation

• Case Study D: A Head and Heart Service Experience Evolution

The Customer Relationship: a Head and Heart Story, Recap of Key Learnings