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Optimize Your Interactive Marketing Campaigns With Mobile Analytics

OnDemand Webinar (75 minutes)

There is no question about it - the world has changed. It has gone mobile. Your customers are free from the confines of their homes, offices, and traditional media and retail environments. Today your customers have the power at their fingertips to fulfill their needs anytime and anywhere, and they are using it. They are consuming media and searching, identifying, locating and acquiring whatever they need - information, goods and/or services - right from the palm of their hand. Your customer is mobile, are you? How many people are visiting your website with their mobile device? How many people are using their mobile phone to engage your store? Who can you attribute success to? The click on the web, the Tweet®, Facebook® post, game, call center interaction, or all of the above? Are your marketing campaigns successful? How much of your business is influenced by mobile? What's your ROI? Who are you losing? These are hard questions to address. In this OnDemand Webinar you will find the answers you have been looking for. We will provide a detailed overview of the mobile marketing opportunity, provide you with leading campaigns and illustrate how success was measured. Most importantly, we will share insights on what it takes to build leading analytics models in to your marketing right from the beginning of your programs so that you won't miss any opportunities to engage and delight your customers while materially benefitting the bottom line.

5 Reasons to Order

  • Discover eight mobile media paths
  • Find out how to develop a persistent mobile presence
  • Hear leading mobile media case studies
  • Gain an understanding of how to set up your mobile marketing program
  • Learn the objectives, measures and steps you need to succeed!


Michael J. Becker, Mobile Marketing Association
Mark Wright, Adenyo


Understanding the Role of Mobile in Your Marketing Mix

• Mobile - the Bridge Between Digital and Traditional Media

• Review of the Eight Mobile Media Paths

- SMS, MMS, Email, Voice

- Internet, Content, Proximity

- Applications

• Review of the Data: Understanding What Marketing Data Is Available Across All the Mobile Media Paths

• Introducing the Role of 'Big Data' and Analytics That Mobile Provides to Your Marketing

Review of Industry Leading Mobile Marketing Case Studies: Promotional Campaigns and Persistent Programs

• Review of Both Direct and Mobile-Enhanced Traditional Media Marketing Campaigns

• Review of What It Takes to Establish a Persistent Presence in Mobile for Consumer Engagement Across Every Stage of the Customer Life Cycle

• The Five Building Blocks of Mobile Marketing and How to Set Up Your Mobile Marketing Programs 

Mobile Analytics

• From the Beginning: Objectives, Measures and Steps for Success

• A Review of Analytics Tools and Solutions by Media Path and Campaign: Building a Dashboard

• Understanding the Key Elements to Predictive Analytics Models and How to Build Them