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Strategies to Increase Your Paid Search Budget

OnDemand Webinar (52 minutes)

Chances are that you are already spending money on paid searches, but often this occurs without a sound budgeting strategy in place. How do you know if your campaign is providing sufficient return to justify the amount spent? What are the right goals and objectives by which to manage and optimize?

Setting paid search budgets can be a real challenge and not only because the per-click prices you'll pay in the Google® and Microsoft® search advertising auctions are unknown. Should you run a pure direct response campaign or factor in influence and branding? Search engine marketing has often been seen purely as a way to harvest the demand for products and services that exists already among consumers and business-people; however, clearly people use search all along the purchase cycle.

Whether you're a brand, business-to-business, services, or even direct marketer, search marketing budgets are a fact of life. This course will give you the strategic framework to think about setting budgets appropriately and discuss the hands-on methods to determine where your budgets should be.

5 Reasons this course can help

  • Learn how to create profitable PPC campaigns
  • Find out which type of campaign you should run
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of how your customers use search
  • Discover how to develop a winning PPC budget
  • Investigate whether or not you should use branding in your PPC campaign


Kevin Lee,


Strategy, Goals and Objectives

• Budget Sources - Beyond the Marketing Budget

• Demand Creation or Demand Harvesting, Buyer Behavior

• Defining Conversions, Micro-Conversions and Brand Lift Metrics

The Auction Based Keywords Ecosystem

• Supply Demand Dynamics of PPC Search

• Understanding Marketplace Elasticity

• Using Leverage to Raise Budgets Efficiently

Presenting Campaigns to Senior Management

• The Conversation From Past to Future Opportunity

• Competitive Intelligence

• Quantifying Opportunity and Opportunity Cost