Seminar ID: 100806

Understand and Interpret Financial Statements

Presented By:
Ronald A. Sereika

Manager of Credit and Collections

You will Learn:

  • Where to find the financial information you need whether looking to buy or invest in a company, sell to a company or choose them as your supplier.
  • Who regulates the information that is presented in financial reporting.
  • How to read and analyze the following statements; Balance sheet, Income statement and Statement of cash flows.
  • Financial ratios that help you analyze a firms; debt, earnings, ability to generate cash flow, how liquid they are, calculate the Altman Z score, determine “Free cash flow”
  • How to perform a case study and write up and how to present it to management.

This 10 minute segment taken from my live upcoming webinar on 5/14/2014 “Understand and Interpret Financial statements” will allow you to understand where all the information comes from that makes up the main three financial statements; The Income statement, The Balance sheet and the statement of cash flows. You will also learn how to analyze these statements as well as pull out the necessary information from them to use in the ratios you will be calculating. It will allow you to look deeper into these potential customers, suppliers or businesses that you are reviewing.