Seminar ID: 100581

How to Price Your Services and Products for the Government Market

Presented By:
Gloria Larkin


You will Learn:

  • The common pricing strategies used in the government market
  • How contract vehicles affect winning pricing strategies
  • What government considers fair and reasonable pricing
  • How to compare your pricing with your competitors
  • The differences between “lowest price, technically acceptable” and “best-value” pricing

In this 10 minute segment of our full OnDemand Webinar,“Updated Pricing Strategies to Win Government Contracts” we cover a difficult issue in federal contracting: pricing your services and products high enough to make a profit and yet low enough to win a competitive bid. You will learn why market intelligence is mandatory and where to find it, how to determine competitors’ pricing, critical differences in public sector and private sector pricing strategies, what constitutes acceptable profit margins, as well as how Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) bids affect every agency and industry.