Seminar ID: 100833

Gmail: Automating Email Handling

Presented By:
Rick Castellini

Grand Valley PC Partners, LLC

You will Learn:

  • How to slash time spent each day handling incoming email
  • To automate your incoming email using powerful and intuitive filters.
  • Techniques like automatic filing, responding, deleting, and more.

If you choose to attend the popular and time saving webinar, How and Why Google's(R) Gmail(TM) can Streamline Your Business or Organization Email, on June 18, you will save valuable time and energy when dealing with email. This short excerpt describes how to use tools to automate common tasks, call attention to important messages, and consistently respond to certain messages all make dealing with daily email much easier and dare I say, enjoyable. Gmail utilizes many of the common features we already know, like filters, but makes them much more accessible, customizable and useful than other email systems. Creating filters with Gmail can be done two ways, through the Settings menu or through the search box. Learning to do filters from scratch in the Settings menu builds a strong foundation for understanding them and learning to manage them.