Seminar ID: 100324

Keeping 'em Honest: The Truth About Protecting PowerPoint® Files

Presented By:
Echo Swinford MS, PPT, MVP


You will Learn:

  • Understand Common misconceptions about protecting your presentation files
  • Discover the strengths and limitations of the various methods to protect your PowerPoint® files
  • Learn how to use third party add-ins for file protection
  • Understand how your animations, links and multimedia will act in various protected file settings

In today’s business environment, protecting your own or your company’s intellectual property is becoming increasingly important. Traditionally, PowerPoint® users have used password protection to restrict others from changing the content on their PowerPoint® files, but how safe are those files really? Is it easy to crack the protection? Will video and animations work in a truly protected file? These and other questions will be answered in this 10 minute webinar on protecting your PowerPoint® presentation.