Seminar ID: 100647

Entering the Canadian Market: Initial Considerations

Presented By:
Daniel D. Ujczo

Dickinson Wright PLLC

You will Learn:

  • Introduction to the Canadian Market
  • Initial Regulatory Considerations in Deciding Whether to Enter Canada
  • Overview of the Canadian Taxation Regime
  • Factors for Setting Up Shop in Canada
  • Business Immigration Issues

In this quick preview of our full OnDemand Webinar, "The Two Way Trading Relationship: Doing Business in Canada and the United States," we will address the initial issues confronted by companies navigating the world’s largest two-way trading relationship. The program will provide assistance in areas such as understanding the Canadian marketplace in terms of regulatory differences, taxation, and business immigration. The preview is designed for those companies that are considering entering the Canadian market, as well as those that are currently selling into Canada and require assistance.