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Policies and Procedures of Vaping Within the Workplace

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Avoid potential discrimination lawsuits by understanding the federal and state laws regarding vaping in the workplace.Vaping has become a popular topic of many conversations over the past few years, and has become a popular habit. With similarities to smoking, many employers are left wondering what policies and procedures to implement within the workplace to either prevent vaping altogether at the workplace, or to provide reasonable accommodations to those who partake in the habit of vaping. This topic will help educate employers and employees to federal and state laws regarding vaping which have been put in place, and how to properly implement policies and procedures regarding vaping in the workplace. This matter will further educate the ability to prevent lawsuits of discrimination on the basis of preventing someone from being allowed to vape within the workplace. Although discrimination within the workplace on the basis of vaping is a new subject matter, it should not be ignored. With the information presented in this topic, lawsuits can be prevented, saving employers thousands of dollars. This information is important for all employers and employees so all parties are well educated and informed.


Sarah Ryzewski, Royal, P.C.

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