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California Foreclosure and Repossession Compliance

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Learn the necessary procedures and avoid liability when dealing with commercial foreclosures and repossessions in California.Most states have unique lien laws for personal and real property liens, and both lenders and borrowers should have an understanding of the applicable laws so as to prepare an action plan prior to serious loan problems arising. In addition to having different laws, local courts also impose special rules of procedure and evidence that are essential to understand before parties consider pursuing foreclosure remedies. This topic helps the persons who represent lenders and borrowers to understand both the legal and regulatory hurdles that they will face, but also to understand the approaches that most lenders prefer and how they approach remedies in order to both underwrite secured loans and also to pursue remedies when a default arises under a loan. The content also explains additional methods employed by lenders to bolster their credit to anticipate and address potential risks based on the various different laws which require the pursuit of remedies. Failing to have a proper understanding of these issues puts both lenders and borrowers at disadvantages because they will be chasing the other party who may be more prepared and always will be in a defensive posture when there are things that each party to a loan can be doing to assume some control over the complicated process. This information is critical for lenders and borrowers so they can be ahead of issues and can best anticipate problems and have plans to address such matters if and when they might arise.


Ren R. Hayhurst, Bryan Cave LLP

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