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Training for Supervisors in Louisiana: How to Limit Liability for Employment Issues

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Are you asking for an employment lawsuit - without even realizing it?

Supervisors increasingly are expected to have not only operational expertise, but also the ability to manage and properly respond to personnel issues such as employee requests for leave or accommodation, poor employee performance, complaints of discrimination or harassment, and employment references. Although supervisors typically have received training in their operational areas, they may not have received similar training in their personnel-related responsibilities.

These reference materials will provide you with tools and practical suggestions for ensuring you're better equipped to appropriately manage your workforce. You will learn to minimize your company's risk while your supervisors act proactively and legally to ensure your operational needs are met.

Benefits for You
•Understand the hiring do's and don'ts you need to follow now to avoid lawsuits later
•Learn the nuts and bolts of identifying and responding to leave issues
•Discover effective, cutting-edge strategies to avoid costly HR mistakes
•Learn practical tools, tips and techniques for handling discipline and discharge issues

Learning Objectives
•You will be able to describe the supervisors role in the hiring process.
•You will be able to discuss discipline and discharge issues.
•You will be able to explain what supervisors need to know about unions.
•You will be able to review discrimination, harassment and retaliation issues.


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