How to Deliver Negative Feedback

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April 22, 2014 — 1,691 views  

Are you the CEO, manager, director, partner or supervisor? You’re great at what you do, your employees love and respect you, but you wish there was a better way to communicate their flaws and motivate them to better themselves, without hurting their feelings. This article will help you deliver constructive criticism effectively to achieve positive results without demoralizing the person.

Points to keep in mind

Always remember that delivering feedback, positive or negative, is targeted towards improving the employee’s behavior to bring out the best in them and your organization.

  1. Don’t make negative feedback an everyday thing. Your employees will just get used to it and eventually stop caring. Make sure to praise or compliment their work first before delving into their flaws. Also remember to give negative feedback in doses, don’t pile it up.
  2. While delivering negative feedback, also allow the employee to explain his or her point of view. Try to understand what they did or why they did it. Give them a chance to talk from their perspective. This way you will not only be addressing the issue, but also thinking of solutions to the problem.
  3. Listening is the key to problem solving. Hear your employees out, put yourself in their shoes and empathize with them before delivering negative feedback. That way they will be more accepting of it and will be more willing to learn and adapt.
  4. While delivering negative feedback, try not to intimidate or scare your employee. Make the environment comfortable and relaxing and always do it in the privacy of a boardroom or conference room. Criticizing your employees in front of their peers can be humiliating. Also use a soft, but stern tone of voice, watch your words and be aware of your body language. Never suggest violence or force.
  5. You have to give a little to get a little. For your feedback to be absorbed and implemented by your employee, it is crucial that you are willing to accept feedback too. Involve your employee on how to better the company, ask questions to get ideas and make them feel important, rather than ignored.

Follow these five simple rules and you will certainly succeed in effectively delivering negative feedback to your employees in an encouraging manner for the betterment of your organization. 

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