What’s All the Hype about Emotional Intelligence

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April 23, 2014 — 1,670 views  

Whether you’re the manager, CEO, supervisor, or partner of a company, or the owner of your own business, EI (Emotional Intelligence) plays a very important role in the success and development of yourself, as well as your organization.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is the knowledge or ability to study, analyze and assess your emotional levels and sentiments , as well as that of others around you. It is the study of the different kinds of emotions that we face every day, how we react to things around us and how we respond to the emotions of  others too. It is the ability to understand, explain and control our emotions.

There is speculation over whether EI can be termed as a real or artificial intelligence. There are three models that have been developed to study and measure the EI of an individual. Each model has its own advantages and criticisms. To get the best results from the models, you need to analyze which one suits your requirements better.

Importance of EI to managers and supervisors

Studies have shown that certain jobs, whether it involves working for your own business or for a multinational company, takes a huge toll on the emotions and sentiments of the employees. Superiors like managers and supervisors, who have to constantly monitor and control their subordinates on a daily basis, must have the ability to study and analyze their employee’s EI, as well as that of their own. They need to know the importance of how work affects the emotions, and in turn affects the performance efficiency of their employees, to keep them happy.

People who are not emotionally content or happy at their jobs tend to perform poorly compared to those who are emotionally content and stable. Managers and supervisors attend seminars and workshops to equip themselves on the subject of EI, to be able to support as well as understand their employee’s emotional needs, for the betterment of the organization.

Successes that can come from EI

EI helps an individual grow personally and professionally. It improves self-esteem and helps in emotional growth as well as development. Positive changes can be seen at home, as well as in the office by improving EI. You as the manager or a supervisor of a company, will be able to resolve management conflicts and will be able to understand your employee’s emotions better. This in turn will improve accuracy and efficiency in their performance and boost the organization’s growth. EI helps you communicate better and improves your leadership and management skills.   

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