The Whole Organizational Approach to Service

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March 26, 2014 — 1,052 views  

An organizational approach to customer service is a very important aspect that helps keep your customers happy. It also ensures that your employees and your business work towards the same goal and in the right direction. This will also give you ample insight about handling training initiatives, providing better responses to complaints, engaging in overall customer satisfaction and so on. Here is what you need to know about a whole organizational approach regarding services.

The significance of this approach

The structure of customer service in many businesses lays the groundwork for many of the higher level business functions. It is important for all the levels within the customer service department as well as the entire organization to be clear on individual roles, duties and responsibilities. When this happens, it becomes easier to train new recruits well, and they will be able to perform in a better manner. When the internal departments in an organization work in tandem, it becomes a lot easier to give customers a much better experience with your service.


Communication is the most essential and important function in any business process. The same is true about customer service. Inter-departmental communication is essential when it comes to serving the customers. This also plays an essential role in terms of providing highly accurate and relevant solutions to the customers. It is very important for the customer service team to be able to contact other departments directly and the other departments in turn must be able to communicate effectively with the customers.

An organizational approach towards customer service plays a crucial role in advancing opportunities for your business while ensuring a high level of satisfaction among your customers. Enabling a closer relationship between the entire organization and the customer makes it much simpler, to market and sell your products directly to the customers.

Always remember that a company with a very good customer service department is more likely to obtain repeated business and loyalty from the customers compared to its competitors. The same will be reflected in terms of sales as well as profits. The contrary is also true and poor customer service can damage your business significantly at several levels. This is because, it is a lot more expensive to obtain customers than to retain them. A whole organization approach to customer service can not only boost your business, but can also give you a competitive edge by being able to retain existing customers.

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