Microsoft Dynamics® Release New Customer Care and Marketing Capabilities

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February 21, 2014 — 924 views  

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM has released an exhaustive set of capabilities to assist organizations to match their clients with the right services and products, engage them in the correct manner at the correct time and nurture relationships. The new product is expected to come into the market in the middle of 2014.

New features

The release delivers on the company's promise of swift innovation and adds new features to prepare smarter marketers and enable them to assist businesses with care and engage with customers in a personalized manner, manage and drive their marketing campaigns anywhere and on any device; and increase the capabilities in the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2013 to assist businesses to make more effective sales.

The update also breaks the general industry norm and imports social listening capabilities to every service, sales and marketing professional within the organization to empower a greater number of employees with a deeper insight.

According to Bob Stutz, the Microsoft Dynamics® corporate vice president, the new update of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM add newer marketing capabilities, democratize social listening to deliver a greater impact and permit businesses to offer an outstanding client service. As per Stutz, this new release will change the CRM landscape.

Marketing turns smarter

Chief marketing officers prefer a marketing solution which helps them to plan and also execute superb marketing campaigns, offers them insights into impact of marketing activities and the capability to optimize the marketing mix to deliver maximum impact.

Microsoft Dynamics® Marketing delivers the above mentioned capabilities by the addition of marketing automation functionality to the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, delivering crucial insights which will assist marketers to be smarter and to effectively engage with clients. The new release constructs on the core of planning. It also adds many new features, including a visual campaign designer, which permits marketers to design effective marketing campaigns easily and intuitively.

This helps chief marketing officers to reach their clients more effectively via multiple channels. It gives them newer scoring and lead management capabilities, and a scalable email marketing tool which has the capability to deliver millions of messages each day and even deep marketing analytics for measuring and improving the return on marketing investments. The new capabilities will be on sale in 35 markets and in 10 languages.

Microsoft® is of the belief that social capabilities are integral to customer relationship management and therefore should not be restricted to a few users. Microsoft Social Listening will be provided as a component of the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Online professional license at no extra charge.

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