Amazon Gets Ready for its First Ever Labor Union in the US

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December 18, 2013 — 971 views  

The e-commerce giant Amazon may have to accept the fact that a labor union might be formed in United States according to a recent news report. In the past, whatever problems they have had to face, it was resolved quickly and the management has been fairly successful in stalling the formation of any kind of union. However, the trade union of AFL-CIO has successfully petitioned for a union election with the National Labor Relations Board in lieu of the thirty repair technicians who are working at the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Middletown, Delaware. The election would be held next month and only the 30 technicians have got the right to vote.

History of Union Disputes at Amazon

The management team at Amazon have been very agile and have been quite successful in preventing the formation of any kind of union in the past, especially in the US. The people at the top have acted swiftly and talked to the workers and convinced them not to take any such serious steps and earnestly told them about the company's policy of not having any kind of union. It was in Germany that the workers at Amazon were able to carry out demonstration and they even went on to strike work many times over the years. However, these problems never ever came in the way of the regular operations of Amazon although there have been instances of critical articles appearing in certain journals about the working conditions and the pay package of the workers.

Future Course of Action

People now are anticipating a tough battle between the Amazon and the trade union. Amazon has even availed the services of a well known law firm Morgan, Lewis and Bockius to help them with the matter and present to the court a convincing case. These law firms are quite renowned to persuade the workers and employees of the company that they are better off without these labor unions. The union however also believes that they have a strong case and are quite sure of their victory. They even think that by successfully petitioning for the election, they have done almost half of the work. With this they want to spread the phenomenon into other locations of Amazon in the United States.

It is going to be a historic result if the trade union manages to win the case and it might act as a trigger for other such similar cases to come out in the open.

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