New Ways to Use Google Analytics

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November 27, 2013 — 944 views  

Google Analytics is a powerful tool released by Google that enables you to monitor traffic to your website. It shows the behavior of users and helps to uncover significant insights. In recent times, Google has released several new features and options that help you to make better use of Google Analytics.

Better reporting tools

The new version of Google Analytics provides better reporting services. These allow you to quickly generate reports and statistics on user behavior. These can be used to learn more about user preferences and likes. Most users use websites in their own particular way. Having knowledge about this can help you to tailor your services to better suit their needs.

Better segmentation

It has an improved and segmented design. The panel is divided based on category. There are several categories of user behavior and data. This makes the data very convenient to read and easy to digest. The data displayed in this manner can be read by anyone and can be moved from one system to another.

Better data collection

It does a better job of data collection. The data collected by Google Analytics goes back several years and is known to be very accurate. All aspects of user behavior are recorded and stored for future analysis. This way all the nuances of the data can be explored, which may throw more light on their activity pattern.

The data collected can be subjected to various forms of analysis such as regression, projection and other metrics. The patterns discovered during such analysis can be very helpful. The patterns reveal major insights into how the users interact with the website.

Better user communication

It provides several advanced tools that make it easier to communicate with users. The layout and design of the website can be made as user friendly as possible. All aspects of design and use can be easily communicated to the users. This makes the website more interactive and user friendly, resulting in more visitors to your website.

Google Analytics is undoubtedly a great tool for webmasters. Any webmaster who wishes to analyze traffic to his website or get more visitors can take the help of Google Analytics. The many options that it provides all help the webmaster in tailoring his website to better suit the needs of the visitors. 

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