Handling Employee Excuses

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December 12, 2013 — 999 views  

It is fine if your employee gets late to the office once in a while or fails to submit the project before the deadline. But what do you do when your employee always has an excuse up his/her sleeve for all the things gone wrong? It can get quite difficult for an employer to make his employee break out of this habit. Coming up with excuses not only affects the performance and productivity of the employee, but also the company in several ways. Employees who always give out excuses for not being able to complete the job given to them, affect the productivity of the company. They can also bring down the quality of the project they are working on. Worse, they can even affect the productivity of other employees that they are working with.

Common Employee Excuses That You Need To Look Through

Here is a list of excuses that most employees make for not being able to give their best at work.

  • ‘I did not get enough direction on the project’

A good employee will never come up with such an excuse. But an employee who is used to giving excuses might prefer this one over any other excuse. A good employee usually doesn’t require too much of guidance through a project. Even if he has his doubts, he will make sure that he gets them cleared. Any employee giving this excuse implies that he was not really interested in giving his best in the project anyway.

  • Blame-game

Many employees have the habit of blaming others for their mistakes. Not only does this affect the quality of the work, but also the morale of other employees. There are going to be lazy employees who will try to push work until the last moment. But a good employee takes matter in his hands at the right time to ensure that the quality of work does not suffer.

  • ‘ The project is not really possible’

There are very less chances of any project being impossible to manage. If your employee says the project is difficult and may require some more time, it is understandable. But any employee saying that the project itself is impossible, may just be making an excuse for not dealing with a project that requires him to work very hard.

Getting to the Cause of the Problem

Once you realize that your employee is just coming up with excuses, you need to get to the root of the problem. Here is what you should do while handling such employees and getting the best out of them.

  • Listen to What They Have to Say

There are going to be chances when your employees will be downright honest with you and may not really be coming up with excuses. Listen to them well so that you can determine whether the employee is being genuine and act accordingly.

  • Ask Them Questions

Use open ended questions to get to the root of the problem that might be making your employee come up with new excuses.

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