The Do-it-Yourself Device – Project Ara

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October 30, 2013 — 996 views  

Motorola has unveiled its latest project that has the potential to dominate the mobile phone market and take it to a whole new level. This revolutionary device that Motorola is releasing can take away some of the market dominance that has been long held by Apple and Samsung. The concept of this innovative project is shared with the recently viral Phonebloks.


The concept of project Ara is to provide an open hardware platform for users to create highly modular and personalized smartphones. Project Ara compares itself to change hardware in a similar way that Android has changed software; by developing an active third party developer community, increasing the scope for new innovations and lowering the barriers of modulation. Project Ara allows users to decide their phone’s hardware specifications and change them at will. It gives you the power to make decisions on how your phone will look, what it can do, what it’s made of, and how much it will cost. The design of the project’s model will consist of two parts; an endoskeleton structure and modules. The endoskeleton structure is the frame of the device that will hold different modules in their place. Modules are highly customizable to allow users to create a personalized phone. They can be a specific application processor, a new display, an extra battery or a keyboard. There is no limit to what kinds of modules can be added on to your device. The concept of such a phone platform is also shared by Dave Hakkens, the creator of Phonebloks with whom the Motorola is now partnering in an open collaboration. The in-depth technical work of the company and the eager community that Dave Hakkens created can together be the perfect combination for the success of this innovative venture.


The concept of having a device with such an open hardware platform is one that has really captivated those it has reached. Being able to have a phone that can be personalized with hardware modifications is drastically gaining popularity. The online campaign started by Dave Hakkens has received a lot of support from a diverse demography of people. The concept is not only gaining popularity with the public, but also with different major companies and manufacturers who have contacted Hakkens to find out how far along the building process has progressed and what they can do to help and contribute.


The challenges associated with introducing such a new and innovative concept into the market lie in finding an acceptable price for the device and making it comfortable and easy to use, as it has to compete with the sleek and convenient, popular smartphones. The most important task for Project Ara, which Hakkens believes is the key to its success, is to actually make the device work.

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