Facebook Ad Targets Increased with the Help of Google and Tweet Scheduling

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October 23, 2013 — 970 views  

Now there is a new way that Google+ has incorporated to make micro-targeted lists of advertisements for Facebook. Twitter simultaneously comes out with a tweet schedule that will interest ad buyers. Twitter’s new feature allows ad buyers to make pictures available with their online posts. Earlier, the free third party publishing system would allow you to schedule tweets.

No Extra Payment on Native Scheduling Tweets

Unfortunately, a number of these tweets would not reach their target consumers because of the limited access or the lack of direct access to the Twitter cards option or the photo tools on Twitter. This made native scheduling posts impossible. Now that the new native tweet scheduling feature has been added, it is undeniable that picture posting along with tweets is the best form of advertising on the platform.

What makes this feature all the more exciting is that the scheduled tweets do not require any additional payment. Over the past year, reports show large increases in the traffic referrals of certain social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are said to have over a 50 percent increase in traffic referrals. Youtube and LinkedIn are among the other sites that have shown immense growth through the year.

Social Media and Networking Platforms Provide Large Advertisement Space

These statistical figures make it difficult for advertisers and marketers to ignore the capabilities using such platforms. The cost of advertising online is far less compared to traditional offline campaigns through television and print or broadcast media. They also have a wider reach due to the increasing use of networking sites.

Google+ and Facebook Advertisements

Google+ is one major example of the same. The site has now made it easier to for marketers to target ads on Facebook. Through the Google+ Circles, you can easily identify the types of products that individuals are looking out for. With this knowledge, you can narrow down your advertisement front to target only these potential buyers rather than market a product or service to a multitude of people with different tastes and preferences.

This will not only help you understand the kind of people you should be looking out for, but will also give you a lot of statistical data for your next projects. Through the social networking sites you can identify the different trends in the market and work to follow up on such leads.

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