Mobile Customer Service Strategies: Generating Executive Buy-In

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October 31, 2013 — 1,019 views  

The history of customer service has seen several phases. The current phase is the phase of mobile customer service. It means that customer service is now occurring through mobile channels. Every executive at every company is now equipped with mobile tools such as tablets and smartphones. This means that customer service experts should tailor their strategy around these devices.


The first step in getting executive buy-in is personalization. Instead of carpet bombing executives with the same standard message, the message should be personalized. That is--a unique message should be transmitted to each executive. It involves doing a lot of beforehand research for each executive. It is best to know about their personal tastes, likes, dislikes and opinions. And then the customer service message should be modified accordingly. This makes each executive feel valuable and makes the time spent by him on the service valuable.


It is always best to have referrals. When a customer service representative contacts an executive, he should introduce himself through a reference. This enhances the credibility of customer service and makes it easier to gain trust. This is also good for business because one referral can lead to several other referrals from satisfied customers. In other words, referrals can help grow a business rapidly.

Speaking Their Language

It is essential for the customer service representatives to speak the language of the executives. The language that they speak can be found out by doing research or from their business card. Speaking their language creates an environment of personalization and improves trust. This improves business prospects because now the executives will more readily give buy in and will be more receptive to the offers made by the customer service representatives.

Gaining Credibility

There are several ways of gaining credibility with the executives. One is a past record of good customer service. This is often advertised by the customer service representatives as the key differentiator between them and their competitors.

Another way of gaining credibility is having a vast array of completed successful projects both nationally and internationally over a wide diversity of industries and verticals. Once credibility is gained, it should be used to further the advantage of the customer service representatives.

 Proactively Addressing Challenges

Any challenges that emerge should be addressed proactively. As an example, delays in service should be explained in the most sincere way possible to the executives. There should always be several backup plans that deal with any eventuality.

For every challenge, the solution should be obtained proactively by teamwork and transparency. This will ultimately create positive image for the customer service representatives and will improve the relations with the executives.

In conclusion, it can be said that the rise of mobiles have created several opportunities and challenges for customer services. Several new strategies have emerged. These strategies, if implemented in the right way, can help a business grow very fast. At the same time, it creates a lot of buy in from the executives.

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