Not a Pleasant Start for Obamacare’s Small Business Exchange

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October 3, 2013 — 895 views  

Though business owners had a lot of expectations from the small business exchange by Obamacare, the first day of its opening had its own share of problems. Recently, new insurance exchange by the federal government had announced that small business owners will not be able to register online for the new healthcare plans. It said that business owners will still get to check out all the plans as well as compare prices of the different plans. But unfortunately due to some issues, they won’t be able to do even that, for time being.

What is the Glitch?

On the day of the opening of this new insurance marketplace, small business owners were told by the federal site that they will be able to access only two features as of now. Those two features were- reviewing all the available plan options as well as comparing their prices. The second one was that they can mail their paper application to the site. 

But every time users tried to do that, instead of linking them to the prices and plans, the site would redirect them to another page that would show an error message. Apart from this major problem, the site is also taking a lot of time to process information .This slowdown in processing time is said to be the result of unexpectedly high volume of usage. 

The error which the website is facing is called SHOP exchange. It has affected employers from around 35 states who decided to rely on the site and did not come out with their own exchanges.

Authorities Looking into Fixing the Problem

The federal exchange has been built by Department of Health and Human Services. The officials of the department said that they are presently working on the problem and are trying to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Joanne Peters, spokesperson of the department said that they have come up with a dynamic system and are expecting to make the system much faster. Peters also mentioned that around 1 million visitors checked out the health care site and this might have led to traffic congestion.

Taking this problem into consideration, the department has pushed the online enrollment to November. The opponents of Obamacare have taken this opportunity to their advantage. They accused that these problems serve as evidence that the new law is not yet ready to be implemented.

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