Motivating Your Sales Team: Secrets to Success

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September 19, 2013 — 923 views  

Motivating your sales team can be easier than you think. If you can give them a huge reputation, whether or not they deserve it, you have given them the motivation to work. They are motivated to live up to your remark that them being an expert--only they can do the job. Your remark works as a huge incentive for them to accomplish their targets.  

Challenges Involved in Motivating a Sales Team

Sales managers constantly try to motivate their sales team thorough incentives and contests. It must be admitted that selling is a tough job. The sales team must retain a high level of motivation through thick and thin. A smart sales manager does not offer a solution to the team, rather challenges them to find the solution.

It is not the compensation or incentives that always motivate the sales personnel. If compensation could motivate them, they would always be performing well. It is therefore important to understand exactly what motivates a sales person. However, one motivation that works invariably, is challenging the sales team towards excellence, by letting them use their own brain rather than charting out a rigid step-by-step sales process.

This strategy actually empowers the sales personnel and also motivates them to perform better.

Benefits of Positive Confrontation

While confrontation within a work space is unavoidable, positive confrontation can do wonders for employee motivation. Confrontation is not always bad, even as constant criticism of the sales representatives can break them. While most people would want to avoid confrontation, it must be thought of as a necessary exercise, just like incentives and contests, within a highly competitive work atmosphere. Confrontation can most effectively draw out the best potential of a sales worker.

Confrontation may not appear too bad if it is thought of as an opportunity to set things straight. The goal of confrontation therefore, is to actually drive sales persons towards better performance. Sales persons usually like a boss who is direct and honest, rather than the one who beats around the bush. It must be noted at the same time that confrontation is not to be equated with negative criticism. In fact the two are opposites. 

Other Tips

Everyone is not alike. So, two individuals will need different motivation for performance. In the same way, they will need different incentives to perform to their best. Each of them have different strengths and weaknesses. The top performing sales managers observe their team to identify individual strengths and weaknesses, and consequently leverage their unique strengths for greater performance.

If a sales person has some unique strengths, such as the ability to build a rapport and sustain professional relationships while being laid back, a smart sales manager should not complain that the sales person is easy going. On the contrary, the manager must motivate such an individual to build on this skill for improved performance. In other words, an individual’s style of working should not be tampered with. True motivation comes from accepting, rather than perfecting. The advantage of this approach is that you are able to motivate everyone on the team.

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