September 10th Confirmed for Apple iPhone 5S Launch

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September 4, 2013 — 957 views  

Apple has recently mentioned that the final date for the launch of the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S is September 10, 2013. The much awaited iPhone models come with quite a few changes that are not limited to software updates this time. Even the hardware, like the size of the display screen, has been modified to suit its customers. After the demise of the co-founder and CEO, Steve Jobs, nearly two years ago, critics have said that Apple is losing out the ‘innovation’ factor that they used to have.

Pioneers of Innovation

This is one of the biggest going factors for Apple. In fact, their entire marketing strategy is based on how well they have moved with the trend in the consumer market all these years. These two iPhone models are said to have the capacity of making the company bounce back in terms of share value and goodwill. The iPhone 5C is said to come in many colors rather than the traditional black and white as per reports and leaks. It is also said to resemble the iPod Touch in terms of appearance. Some people even predict that it is going to use the same processor as the iPhone that is currently in the market.

What's New in the iPhone 5S

Apple is planning to include a new color scheme with regard to the iPhone 5S apart from its current selection of Black and White. The phone will come in a light gold color that promises to attract new customers into buying it. Other features that the iPhone 5S could possibly have is a fingerprint scanner on the home screen button which is a sneak preview of their new operating system's latest capability. With regard to its internal structuring, the iPhone 5S could come with a longer-lasting battery and a quick processor while still maintaining the iPhone 5 build.

Apple has set the standards with regard to mobile smartphones over the past few years by dominating the American market and parts of the global market. Its steady rise was seen in the launch of iPhone 4 and 4S which included Apple's virtual assistant, Siri, which proved to be one of their biggest selling points. There has been a gradual rise in sales with the release of every single iPhone, and with speculation of the iPhone 5S already on the lips of many people, there is a high chance that Apple will dominate the market once again.

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