Increase capabilities with QuickBooks add-ons

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August 7, 2013 — 940 views  

QuickBooks add-ons give an increased capability to small businesses. They not only go on to present an integrated system of records, but also solve several business needs without fragmenting the information. Add-ons ensure greater interdepartmental workflow along with the right information and tools needed by everyone in your business. 


No discussion on QuickBooks add-ons can ever be complete without a discussion on SmartVault. This is the company’s very own integral toolbar considered necessary for QuickBooks. It is a patented and award winning tool that has redefined the way businesses manage their documentation. QuickBooks must be considered the centerpiece of the filing system today. The SmartVault integrated to QuickBooks as an add-on allows you to go completely paperless. Additionally, it allows you to remain organized. You can attach source documents among the entries directly. So, you may have employee and customer records, invoices, bills and more, well organized and filed.

When you store and attach documents in QuickBooks, you are able to be organized enough to be audit-ready anytime. You have your financial records and all relevant source documents together in one location. Additionally, the SmartVault allows you to queue the documents if they require to be processed later. You also have the freedom to attach to QuickBooks transactions, the notes that may need special attention. 


Does the QuickBooks functionality of out-of-the-box reporting restrict you? You are then advised to take sometime to evaluate XpandedReports. This fantastic add-on begins where the reporting feature in QuickBooks ends. A very useful functionality added in the XpandedReports now lets you save reports from XpandedReports directly into SmartVault. This function allows you to share and publish advanced reports. The reports can be shared with a wide range of users in and out of your business. With Xpanded Reports, it is possible to save changes in reports. The template is reusable. XpandedReports helps you create Pivot tables with a single click. In addition, you can easily combine data from different reports.    

In fact, the advantages of XpandedReports can go on endlessly. Any other tool will now be redundant as it is possible to expand on features and interface of QuickBooks reporting. The data can be easily manipulated and it is possible to group and sort them, and add up the total in any column. Formulas can be easily inserted into reports.

Method CRM

This completely customizable add-on feature delivers more than customer interaction and lead tracking features offered in the traditional CRM solutions. Method CRM goes much beyond the traditional features to give you the ultimate automation company wide. This add-on integrates well with SmartVault and QuickBooks, which means once you store a document, you can access it from multiple sources including mobile apps, SmartVault, QuickBooks and more.

Due to its characteristic customization, you don’t need separate applications. Seamless QuickBooks integration easily enables it to work with QuickBooks Online as well as Desktop. The setup time is also very quick. It becomes easy to track opportunities with Method CRM and ensures no deal will be missed. Your leads are now as good as convertibles. It is easy to track campaigns and customer service issues using this add-on so you know how effective they are.

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