Using Video to Promote Your Business: What Are the Benefits?

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June 5, 2013 — 909 views  

The dawn of the age of social media has allowed self-marketing to become one of the easiest and cheapest methods of marketing across the entire globe. YouTube and Facebook are powerful tools when it comes to being able to use video to promote your business as well as your knowledge in your field of expertise.

Video Marketing: The Idea of Using Videos to Promote

With the fact that the Internet now has a global presence, video marketing through this platform has never made more sense. From niche businesses to big conglomerates, everyone has realized the power of video marketing and the more personalized touch it adds as compared to simple articles printed in newspapers, books, and magazines. Video marketing allows potential customers to hear the voice of your company, and maybe even see examples of people like themselves explaining why your product made such a difference to their lives. Studies have show that, at any time in the United States of America alone, there are about 89 million individuals who will be watching close to 1.2 billion online videos everyday.

Reasons to Use Video

While there are countless reasons why using video marketing to promote your business will make sense, it is easy to see why some people would still be nervous about the whole thing. Since almost every business, big or small, tends to have their own website these days, the effective use of video marketing can help add a certain dimension to the whole thing. You can set up a promotional video that explains what you do and who you are, as well as why your business should be chosen head of the competition. You can also use video marketing to give presentations of your product or to drive Internet traffic to your website.

Benefits of Using Videos

One of the biggest advantages of video marketing through the Internet is the fact that the production costs for the same isn’t substantial, while the geographical extent that can be covered is huge. Any home in the world with an Internet connection will be able to see your video, familiarizing them with you, your product, and your vision. Studies have also shown that videos play a major role in making the customer purchase a product. Statistics prove that 34% of apparel shoppers are likely to make a purchase after having viewed a marketing video. Additionally, the fact that it is easy to place a ‘buy now’ button right next to the video window - something you cannot do on TV - means that it is easier to coax a sale.

How to Use Videos

Understanding how to use video marketing to your benefit will prove to be a major advantage to your company and its sales. There are a number of portals on the Internet to help you setup your business website if you have not done so already. Video recording can range from low budget to expensively produced snippets. As long as the content is engaging and the presentation compelling, you will ensure that you turn, at the very least, a few heads.

Video marketing is quite cheap for the amount of coverage you enjoy. Take advantage of this fact and you will see how much of a difference it can make. All you really need for a simple video is an Internet connection, a camera, or maybe even a well-planned PowerPoint presentation, and faith in your own product.

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