Why You Should Switch to Windows 8

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May 17, 2013 — 929 views  

Windows 8 is the latest version of the classic Windows operating system that has been released by Microsoft. This operating system is affordable and opens a whole new world of advantages to those who are buying a new PC or thinking of upgrading their old operating system. Here are the reasons why you should think of switching to Windows 8.

Improves the Speed of Your PC

The developers of Window 8 have claimed that it will increase the speed of operation of your computer. The operating system provides you with a much faster boot-up time and speedy browsing. The OS also runs many benchmark performance tests quicker than other OS like Mountain Lion or Windows 7. The start-up time is only half than that of Windows 7. This will help in improving the performance of your PC to a great extent, irrespective of whether it is a laptop or a desktop.

Comes With Great Apps

Windows 8 has lots of full-screen apps. They are touch-friendly and web-connected, so they can be explored easily. The apps will display their important information on the Windows start screen tiles. You can find these apps from the new Windows store and install them quite easily. The updation of these apps is also quite simple. You can install these apps on multiple devices that run on Windows 8. You needn’t pay again for these apps and all you have to do is login to your Microsoft account. Uninstalling the apps is easy and you will experience no registry complications as in the previous Windows versions.

Provides More Security

Windows 8 gives you a better experience of security. Windows 8 will automatically stop the computer from loading an operating system that has not been signed by the publisher. All the apps in the Windows store are checked thoroughly for security and so you needn’t worry about the issue of hacking. The default browser of Windows 8, the Internet Explorer 10, is also capable of detecting and blocking the download of malicious programs, without the help of another anti-virus program.

Offers Different Input Modes

Windows 8 gives you the flexibility of inputting data according to your wish. You can use the touchscreen input, which boasts of a higher utility than the Apple iPad touchscreen. You can operate with just the swipe of your thumb. You can also swap the apps to the side of the screen, which allows you to keep a tab on 2 apps at exactly the same time. If you do not want a touchscreen experience, you can use the mouse and keyboard to input data and navigate around.

Comes with Integration of SkyDrive

The cloud program of Microsoft, namely SkyDrive, is built into almost every application that is compatible with Windows 8. By using Windows 8, you an access the SkyDrive just like another local drive. It also allows you to back up the settings of your PC. This helps you to replicate this virtual environment in case you get a new PC.

Helps save Energy

The energy saving feature of Windows 8 is much more advanced than the earlier versions of the Windows operating system. The OS helps to save your battery life by automatically dropping to a low-power state when you are not doing anything that is power-intensive.

All these features should serve as a great motivation for you to shift to the new operating system from Microsoft.

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