What Is the Buzz about SharePoint?

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May 8, 2013 — 961 views  

Microsoft SharePoint is an application platform that was developed in 2001. This web-based platform which basically deals with document management and content management has many other applications. The generic term, SharePoint, refers to many products or technologies that are developed by Microsoft. This includes products like SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server, SharePoint Foundation, SharePoint Workspace, and SharePoint Designer. Using this web-based internet service, businesses can improve their efficiency by streamlining the access to data and organizing their management.

Following are the benefits that you can obtain by incorporating SharePoint technology into your daily business activities.

Easy Data Tracking

One of the prime benefits that you can get from SharePoint is easy data tracking. SharePoint allows the storage of files in a central location which facilitates easy sharing.

Improved Business Intelligence

Using SharePoint will enable businesses to make well-informed decisions. Business intelligence is no longer restricted to the hands of a few important personnel of the company. Instead, everyone in the organization has a say in the business intelligence activities. This is made possible by storing information that is critical to the running of the business in a single and central location.

Increased Access to Information

By using SharePoint, you will be able to simplify organization-wide access to both unstructured and structured information across many systems at different locations. You can share all the files at one single location and allow its access to the team members. This prevents the loss of business data when an important staff member leaves the organization. This in turn helps to save time and money, and also assists in improving the quality of work.

Boost in Employee Productivity

By using SharePoint, you will be able to simplify daily business activities. The processes like tracking and reporting business activities are made quite simple and they can be done at a quick pace. Employees needn’t spend a good part of their day looking for information. SharePoint provides a robust search functionality that helps in the easy retrieval of the required information from a lot of files. Individuals can connect, collaborate, and share data efficiently regardless of where they are located. This goes a long way in increasing employee productivity.

Compliance to Regulatory Requirements

Using SharePoint will help you to have a comprehensive control over the content or data you’re managing, which will in turn help to meet regulatory requirements. You can specify storage policies, security settings, auditing policies, and expiration actions for the business records in accordance with the compliance regulations. This will in turn help to reduce the litigation risk for your organization.

Secured Sharing of Business Data

Using SharePoint helps to give your employees access to an interactive Microsoft Excel program. The Excel Services which run on SharePoint help in sharing the information easily while maintaining the confidentiality of proprietary information which is embedded in the documents.

Consistent User Experience

SharePoint is integrated with applications like email services, web browsers, and desktop applications. This enables the user to enjoy a consistent performance and simplifies the process of client interaction with business data, content, and business processes.

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