Listen to the Voice of Your Customer

Maria Gini
April 3, 2013 — 1,040 views  

Your business depends on it. Without knowing what your client wants you cannot ensure client satisfaction. One of way of getting to know is by way of conducting a client satisfaction survey. The customer's response to the query whether they would buy something from you or not supplies the key to how satisfied or otherwise s/he is. You can always ask leading questions on which features s/he would like to see as well as which features make them choose your product/service/sales outlet over the competitors'. The survey should include questions on how the customer rates the product or service vis-à-vis other similar products and services on different parameters such as quality, price, ease of procurement, after sales service.

This kind of survey is very crucial in business to business relations, since you need to know how you are faring with your clients. The response which gives you a positive feedback is a morale booster and tells what you are doing is right. However, it is negative feedback which enables you to tighten the noose on poor service and processes. The happy client will share the experience with a few loved ones. However, the dissatisfied customer will share the unhappy experience with even strangers. So don't just conduct the survey but act on it. This is even more critical after you have a customer service survey conducted.

Once a customer has told you what s/he find disappointing about the service, they expect to see the grievance addressed. Otherwise you might actually end up losing customers. Remember, most of your customer service team might be excellent but just one or two rotten eggs can undo all the fine work done by the rest of the personnel involved in various processes. If you run a service oriented business like car rental or a hotel, then you can't do without periodic customer service surveys. If you so desire, you can have an ongoing survey in the sense that you can use text tommy to find out whether or not a customer who is signing out will return for another spell. If not, then why not and adapt your services accordingly.

Making informed decisions is the hallmark of successful businesses. Knowing the who, what, where, when and how of customer buying decisions from the beginning to the end of the product or service life cycle is paramount. A survey is a fast and effective way to guage buyer decision making in regards to buyer demographics, product/service reception, regional considerations, the impact of pricing.

For example, a restaurant is offering a new lunch item. A table tent card, menu note and/or receipt note. The restaurant customer can instantly respond with an age group question, a lunch item like or dislike rating question, a why the lunch item was tried question and whether the new lunch item was worth the price paid question. Regional data is automatically supplied the moment the survey is rendered. Four or five quick questions and presto, the restaurant owner will know who likes his new lunch item, whether it tasted good, why the customer tried it and the price sensitivity to adjust his marketing campaign with real time results.

Maria Gini