Small Business Social Media Marketing

Joyce Porter
March 15, 2013 — 1,071 views  

Small Business Social Media Marketing, Facebook advertising, however, is still relatively new, and advertisers are only beginning to experiment with Facebook ads. Even digital marketing experts, familiar with advanced targeting techniques in paid search and display advertising, are just now figuring out how to effectively run advertising programs on Facebook. This could include writing different ad copy, the inclusion of Like and sharing buttons on your site and presenting user-generated content such as videos or reviews, as oppose.

Facebook users can list any terms they want to define their likes and interests, so in order to target a full audience of potential customers, you may have to do some investigating for those terms and phrases that go beyond your general keyword search. For example, using the targeting parameter "camping," your ad will not reach users who have listed "camping in the mountains" or "tent camping" on their profile.

Facebook offers exceptional, low-cost marketing opportunities for small businesses as well as powerful platform on which a business can build a brand presence. A Business Fan Page allows your customers or fans to "like" your business and receive your updates via their news feed every time they log in.

Facebook advertising holds tremendous promise for marketers looking to reach targeted audiences online. Nowhere else do people willingly share such specific information about themselves – enabling marketers to target ads and evaluate performance based on details about consumers such as their age, interests, employers, location and even friends and relationships.
Small Business Social Media Marketing,  Facebook is the biggest thing to hit social networking in a long time. Everyone has an account and users check their Facebook news feeds every day for interesting tidbits, articles, and news. Making sure your company's posts are included in the news feeds of people looking for your products is essential. Business pages (also known as "like" pages) should be built under your personal page. Keep posts interesting and open to participation, as opposed to a steady stream of wall-to-wall advertising to ensure plenty of share and "like"s

Facebook   is taking a bold step by using one person's activity to create an ad.  Some people may be annoyed or even offended when they find that their posts are being shared as advertisements.  The biggest risk here is that right now people are making the choice to share their favorite brands and places with their friends directly.  It may become invasive when a general post gets targeted to a user's friends.  It will be interesting to see how effective 'Sponsored Stories' will be, and also what the reaction will be from the masses.  Here is the official  Facebook  video introducing 'Sponsored Stories'.

Small Business Social Media Marketing, Facebook pages are an excellent way to add value and create raving fans. However, without a solid plan in place, your page could actually do more harm than good. When you plan ahead and create a guide, growing your fans and building relationships becomes effortless. In this video, Amy Porterfield (co-author,  Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies ) will show you step-by-step how to create an editorial guide to ensure your Facebook Page is a huge success.

Joyce Porter